Arctic Spas Maximum Therapy SDS Seat

At Arctic Spas, we always want you to have a "Super-Duper" experience. Check out our video below to see how my grandma's Super-Duper breakfast relates to our SDS jets.

Maximum Therapy SDS Seat Video

When I was a little kid, I would go stay overnight with my grandma Irene. In the morning, she would make what she called “Super-Duper Irene’s Special” for breakfast. This was the most amazing breakfast a kid could imagine and far from what I got at home. She took a waffle, then added bananas, syrup, and whipping cream on top. It was amazing and made the stay at grandma’s house incredible.

We aim to make your experience with Arctic Spas incredible as well. For 2020, we set out to make the Arctic Spa the most therapeutic spa out there. All spas are essentially a box of hot water. What sets the therapy apart is the seat and the jets. We took our most comfortable seat with armrests to hold you in place and added 6 extra-large, high flow massaging jets. Then, because jets without water pressure are just a decoration, we added a 4th pump just to run this one seat. In memory of Grandma Irene’s breakfast and appropriately naming it, we call it the Super-Duper Seat or SDS for short.

Other brands think that more jets make for a better massage. We go for size. I once had a massage by a lady who I believe was Russian and I know was way stronger than me. That massage wasn’t about little fingers working the knots away it was about power. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would have thought she was standing on my back. Let me tell you, no knots were left.

So, if you are looking for a spa experience to remember and a therapeutic massage that won’t leave any knots behind, check out the SDS only at Arctic Spas.
You can see all our spas with the available Super-Duper Seat at or come see it yourself at our store located at 2368 S State Street, just north of I-80 on the west side of State Street.

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